Jul 19, 2021

Fascinating Facts about Termites That Will Blow Your Mind


When you think of a termite, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Probably an insect that destroys your wood, right? That is true. However, ...

Jun 23, 2021

Why Fleas and Ticks Are So Harmful to Our Beloved Pets


Here in Braselton, Georgia, we adore our pets just as much as we love our landscapes. For many of us, our dogs are part of the family, riding along...

May 27, 2021

Don’t Allow Moles to Wreak Havoc on Your Georgia Lawn


Are you noticing mounds of dirt piling up in your backyard? Are tunnels beginning to form out of nowhere, uprooting dirt and compounding piles? No,...

Apr 26, 2021

Commercial Pest Control Tips For Spring

Pest Control

The arrival of spring means that all the critters we love to hate will soon become active once more. Some, like cockroaches, don’t really go dorm...

Mar 30, 2021

How To Get Rid Of Termites In Georgia


Termites may seem like exotic bugs that only bother people living close to the woods. However, it’s actually a common problem we see at Progressi...

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