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Aug 24, 2020

Gear Up with Exterior Pest Control

Pest Control

Pest control is always the most effective when you start from the beginning: the exterior. While the cooler weather starts to creep up, you’ll find pests inside more and more often. And if you’re like the average person, it’ll gross you out and you will want to find an immediate solution. But don’t fret — there are some actions you can take to protect your home from being swarmed with pests and bugs that are seeking shelter in the cooler weather.


Keep an Eye on Moisture  

Between condensation, wet and muddy shoes, accidental windows being left open, leaky pipes, and other instances, there are quite a few opportunities for your home to gather moisture somewhere that will go unnoticed. Bugs are attracted to sources of energy, including moisture in the cold weather. By taking the time to make sure shoes won’t track in wet, muddy mixtures and checking your pipes regularly for leaks or loose ends, it can save your home from an infestation of one or many types of bugs. 

Don’t Forget to Vacuum!

Many people have a great rule of thumb in their homes: no food outside of the kitchen. This is usually to ensure that there are no trails of cheerios dropped while going up the stairs, or leftovers sitting out to rot on your kid’s nightstand. If you don’t have this rule, that’s where your trusty vacuum should be coming in. Extra vacuuming can easily help stop bugs that are desperate for food in the colder weather and encourage a clean home. Even if your food consumption is contained to the kitchen, frequent floor cleaning will greatly reduce your chances of finding creepy crawlers later on. 

Check Your Exterior

All pest problems start from the outside of the home. After all, pests may try to enter your home for extra resources, but deep down, they know they belong outdoors. By checking your home or property’s exterior for open spaces like holes in the seal, broken or cracked windows, and other easily accessible ways for critters to find their way into your indoor space, give yourself the chance to seal them before the season comes.


Unsure How to Execute Exterior Pest Control? 

Progressive Pest Control is here to help you! Our experts are trained to remove pests, but more importantly, seal and protect your home before pests get in. Pest control is our area of expertise and it’s the only service we focus on, so you can be sure that we excel at it. 

Our clients can get in touch with us at (706) 654-2730 or even reach out to us on our contact form through this link. Our clients can also keep up with us on our services and specials through our social media pages like Facebook or our Twitter feed.